Happy Birthday Bellini!

We here at FMT wish our favorite Astronaut Bellini a very happy birthday!



A Year in Astronomy



Dearest French My Toast Followers,  if you pay attention to anything on this list please make it number 11.  Comet ISON has potential to be spectacular.  If the comet proves to have enough gasses and ice to melt when it comes close to the Sun and create a coma (think tail), we should be in for not only a night-time treat but a day time one as well.  It could even be brighter than a Full Moon.  Google the Great Comet of 1680 and cross your fingers we will get the chance to witness something as rare as they people in 1680 did.

P.S. The Comet of 1680 and Comet ISON have very similar orbits, which means they maybe related or even one huge comet that broke apart millions of years ago.

Astronaut Bellini

FMT’s 2013 New Years Resolutions

Well it’s that time of year again.  Time to put pen to paper and state all the reasons you will become a better, smarter and more well rounded person in 2013.  Here at FMT, we are no different.  Except we are going to share a few of ours for your viewing pleasure.  Hopefully this helps us keep them!


1. I will read at least one new book a month.

2. I will spend more time with friends and ultimately more wine.

3. I will try and focus on the glass being half full and all the positive things in my life.

4. I will work on training my dog not to jump the fence and that it’s never o.k. to pee on the neighbors dog…unless its 7 in the morning and they won’t stop barking.

5.  And I promise to never run out of pickle juice in the house!


1. I will read at least one new book a month (seeing a trend yet?)

2. I will attempt to learn a musical instrument…I have my eye on this little beauty.

oh yeah, it’s a purple ukulele:)

3.  I will absolutely enjoy the company of my friends more and the wine they bring with them.

4.  I will do something daring.  Like fly a plane or learn to snowboard. And if I survive, I will tell you all about it.

5. I will travel somewhere new this year…hopefully with the ladies of FMT!


1. I will put to good use the hours I spend reading food blogs and endless amounts of cook books I own and cook more.


2. I will teach my dog to lay down on purpose and not just praise him when he accidentally does it.

3. I will try new things…including restaurants and bars instead of sticking to my usual spots.

4. Buy fewer shoes…unless I HAVE to have them.



1. My New Years resolution is to start college for business and hospitality!


2. I will work to be a better gardian to my brother.

3. I want to read a new book each month.

4. And to have a more adventurous and exciting year in 2013 then I did in 2012!


1.  We will work on being better more consistent bloggers.

2.  We will discover more of DC, try new restaurants, drink new wine and bring it all back to you to read. (tough life, we know)

3.  We will be funnier, smarter and more adventurous in 2013 just for YOU!

New Year’s Eve

I’m not going to lie, I have a little lady crush on Zooey Deschanel.  Maybe its those big blue eyes or the witty and hilarious come backs, who knows.  But whatever it is, I kind of love her.  And Joseph Gordon-Levitt, how cute is he?!  So when these two BFF’s made a video last year featuring all kind of cuteness, a ukulele and both of them singing to me about New Year’s Eve it was like Christmas came twice that year.  So from my youtube favorites to yours, I have to ask…”What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”

P.S. I think I want to learn how to play the ukulele now…


Planet Earth

I spend so much time in astronomy peering through tiny lenses to look far away planets, distant galaxies and scanning the night sky for what star I would visit if I could.  My head is always in the clouds, itching to see Jupiter and dreaming of living of Mars.  I often forget about Earth and how incredibly stunning it is.  I’m to quick to answer that Saturn is our Solar System’s prize possession when in reality it’s the ground we stand on.  Sometimes you have to take one big step away (<–Video!) to see all the beauty that surrounds you.