The Champagne Cocktail List

  • Poinsettia is a native Floridian who moved to the DC area a few years ago for work and a new adventure. She’s known for being the hostess with the mostest, whether its dinner parties, BBQ’s, beer Olympics or game nights playing taboo it’s always a good time. She also has a collection of the world’s most comfortable couches that many have tested out. She loves to cook, travel and of course a good night of karaoke!
  • Mimosa is a DC resident with a soft spot for homeless animals and bad news guys. She is obsessed with nail polish and shoes and is drawn to anything bright or sparkly. Her cookbook collection is slightly out of control, but she’d rather go out to dinner with friends than cook at home for one. She loves bottomless drinks at brunch, the color orange and homemade macaroni and cheese.
  • Bellini is a recent DC area transplant from the Sunny State of Florida who spends more time looking up to the night sky than paying attention to where she’s walking.  She’s a wanna be astronaut with a slight obsession with NASA, the color purple, and all things chocolate.  Known for making a mean batch of cupcakes, she loves good food, good friends, a good book and of course her telescope.
  • Korbel is originally from the hot desert known as Arizona and enjoys four wheeling and camping. After finding the love of her life, she followed him to the DC area. Korbel is terrified of walking on manhole covers which litter the entire DC area. She will purposely do anything she can to avoid it even if it means crawling over whatever might be in her way. She can’t go a day without listening to music, pink lipstick, and adores anything that glitter.
  • Americana is definitely found under firecracker is your  Webster dictionary. Straight from the great state of all where all things are “bigger” ..all things but her that is. Yes, you guessed it Texas with a heart as big as the Dallas sky.  You can always count on her southern hospitality, balls of steel (WHEN LIQUID COURAGE IS INVITED)  and lots of laughs during a night outting with this gal.
  • Hypnotic Heaven is a beach bunny Yankee transplanted to Florida 9 years ago! Enjoys chasing her two year old tornado through the house and loving on her hubby! Her pug is known to snore so loud that the walls shake.. She’s known for her entertaining girl nights out, crime solving theories and always has an ear open for her girlfriends! Not to mention laying on the beach.
  • Bloody Mary is a little bit of all of us. She’s our alter-ego. The crazy side of us. Maybe the stories are a combination of events, maybe it’s just something we’d rather not claim. We’ll let your imagination run wild with her.

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