New Year’s Eve

I’m not going to lie, I have a little lady crush on Zooey Deschanel.  Maybe its those big blue eyes or the witty and hilarious come backs, who knows.  But whatever it is, I kind of love her.  And Joseph Gordon-Levitt, how cute is he?!  So when these two BFF’s made a video last year featuring all kind of cuteness, a ukulele and both of them singing to me about New Year’s Eve it was like Christmas came twice that year.  So from my youtube favorites to yours, I have to ask…”What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”

P.S. I think I want to learn how to play the ukulele now…



Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another – Plato

A Year in Astronomy

I received my telescope on March 10, 2012.  I remember the enormous box being carried into the house when the kind UPS man realized the box was larger than I am.  I remember the moment of pure panic when opening the box and realizing maybe I purchased something far to big for me to handle.  But then I took it out, aimed to the night sky and saw the Moon.  It took my breath away, made me teary eyed and changed everything.  Nothing has ever been the same since, all it took was one hit and I was in hooked.  Here is a list of my personal adventures and observations in 2012 as an astronomy junkie.

The Telescope



251959_10150811908611824_520161021_n   550840_10150811909036824_1075212159_n

The Moon

523758_10150641648351824_1685591642_n 556627_10150641648201824_1026036096_n

Andromeda (our nearest neighbor galaxy, not personal picture)


Globular Cluster, beyond stunning (not personal picture)




The Carbon Star (not personal picture)


The Double Star (not personal picture)


The Milky Way Arm Bands (not personal picture)


The Astronaut


Shooting Stars (not personal picture)


The ISS Flyby, with The Astronaut in it:) (not personal picture)


Venus (clearly not a personal picture)


Mars (clearly not a personal picture)


Thank you George with your 20,000 dollar scope and endless patience at Cherry Springs State Park who was willing to show me about 50% of the items on the above list.  You took what would have been a night of fumbling in 30 degree weather in August to a night of discovery and renewed desire.  Thank you Jason for driving me all over Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia in hopes of catching just a glimpse of Saturn.  Thank you to the Ladies of FMT who have to listen to me ramble about space, point out the Planets in the night sky and who love me despite my overall nerdiness.  Just wait to the astronomy camera comes in.  I can not wait to see what 2013 has in store for my wide eyed curiosity!

– Bellini

FMT’s Ode to 2012

2012 saw the addition of a new friend, the amazing Mimosa. With her, we have become a stronger, better group of friends.  We laugh more, we explore more and we drink a little more wine.  While I hate the road that lead you to us, I am sure glad you’re up for the ride.

2012 brought us new jobs, new positions and new career opportunities. Give us another 5 years and we may become adults(…maybe).

2012 inspired us to inspire each other.

2012 brought new additions to our families, the Puppies.  Not only do they bring laughter to our days but remind us how important it is to be needed and to need in return.



2012 introduced us to these guys and this song .

2012 gave us break ups and break downs.  It showed us that we are much stronger then we ever thought and together we can pick each other up, re arrange the broken pieces and create new and better versions of ourselves.  It taught us not only the strength that exists within us but the power of true friends.

2012 steam plowed PICKLE BACKS into our lives.  And what a lovely lovely affair its been.

2012 showed Korbel that she is capable of taking unsteady ground and making it firm.   That she can do for others what wasn’t able to be done for her and provide a solid home filled with love and warmth to the one person she loves more then anything, her brother.  2012 showed us Korbel’s unyielding kindness and generosity.

2012 taught Poinsettia to never give up hope. When one door closes another one opens and while it may be easier to hold on to what could have been, there is always be more joy in what will be.   2012 taught us that Poinsettia can get knocked down, rise up and stand just a little taller then before she fell.

2012 taught Mimosa that she can’t help everyone all of the time and that every now and again she needs to let the ones she loves stumble a bit – even if it’s a pretty scary thing to do. 2012 reminded Mimosa that age is really just a number and when you’ve got friends like these it SO doesn’t matter.

2012 showed Bellini that all you have to do is look up to discover a whole new dream and no matter your age or place in life something wonderful is waiting to be discovered.  2012 taught Bellini that the foundations of life are based on good food, good wine and good company.  

2012 introduced YOU to the amusing world of FMT.  We opened a window to our lives to share our thoughts, our experiences and dreams.  Thank you for traveling around DC and discovering hilarity with Poinsettia and Mimosa, for looking up at the night sky and dreaming big with Bellini and for sparkling and learning kindness with Korbel.  We can’t wait to share 2013 with you!

I applaud the effort: apparently I’m a chilling girl.

“Hey how is it going, just thought I’d shoot you a message and see how life treating you? Since I really have no idea what to say here lol. Anyways if you are into talking a little bit more shoot me a message, you seem like a really chilling girl from what I read in your profile, o and I got to throw in you are very pretty :)”

Dear…well, yeah you didn’t tell me your name…

Well thanks. I am in fact a very chilling girl.

I really have no idea what to say here either. OH MY GOSH we have something in common!!!!!


French My Toast

I applaud the effort: you’re not applying for a job.


Hi there,

Actually, I’m new to DC area. I was doing my masters’ degree at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon but I moved to east coast as I found a career position in Maryland. Though, I’m planning to continue my Masters’ degree in GWU as soon as possible.

As I read your profile, your personality, as it was explained on your profile, seemed very interesting to me. I also look for a person who respects commitment and honesty.

So please review my profile and do not hesitate to ask me more if you found the information insufficient.

Hope to hear from you.



Dear A,
You are trying to get a date, not applying for a job. This reads way too much like a cover letter. Ease up on the formalities!
French My Toast

Southern Chicken and Waffles :)

chicken and waffles


  • 1 cup flour
  • 3 eggs beaten
  • 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 package of chicken tenders uncooked
  • 1 package of frozen waffles
  • 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil


Get out three bowls. In bowl 1 put in the egg. Bowl 2 the milk then bowl 3 the flour, garlic salt and cayenne. Make sure the spices are mixed around in the flour.

In a pan on medium heat put in 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Take each pieced of chicken and batter in the order of the bowls. Starting with bowl 1 the egg. Then place into the pan to cook. Flipping on both sides until golden brown.

Meanwhile take the frozen waffles and put them in the toaster until golden brown.

Serve  waffles hot, topped with the chicken and a generous amount of gravy and maple syrup.


1 package of Southern White Gravy (follow package instructions)

Maple Syrup

Personally, I use both. Its amazing!