A Year in Astronomy



Dearest French My Toast Followers,  if you pay attention to anything on this list please make it number 11.  Comet ISON has potential to be spectacular.  If the comet proves to have enough gasses and ice to melt when it comes close to the Sun and create a coma (think tail), we should be in for not only a night-time treat but a day time one as well.  It could even be brighter than a Full Moon.  Google the Great Comet of 1680 and cross your fingers we will get the chance to witness something as rare as they people in 1680 did.

P.S. The Comet of 1680 and Comet ISON have very similar orbits, which means they maybe related or even one huge comet that broke apart millions of years ago.

Astronaut Bellini

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