February 2013

Ahhh Welcome Back February.  Welcome back cold days, colder nights, fear of snow storms and black ice. At least we only have 28 days of you until we can start dreaming of Spring again.  Welcome back The Walking Dead, I have missed you more than you know. Brazilian Carnival will make its yearly appearance from Feb. 8th to 12th followed by the amazing Mardi Gras.  For you sports fan, two words…SUPER BOWL.  All the lovers who follow us, enjoy Valentines Day and for our religious friends, remember it’s time for Lent.  February birthed the likes of Babe Ruth, Charles Dickens, Good Ole Abe Lincoln, GALILEO and yours truly.  Mercury will peek out from the glare of the Sun this month with its best viewing day on the 16th.   On the 15th, asteroid 2012DA14 will wiz by Earth it an uneasy distance of only 21,200 miles away.  And my all time favorite thing in the whole world returns to awe and amaze me this month, SATURN.  Dear February, I wish you weren’t so cold but I’ll take it since you seem to pack a punch this year.


Astronaut Bellini


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