I applaud the effort: is it really that hard to write you instead of u?



“good morning. how are u doing,…

good morning. how are u doing, hope ur weekend is going on great. just checking up on u.
Dear U,
Let’s begin with the fact that you’re “checking up on me”. I haven’t ever even met you, so it’s a little weird that you’re checking up on me. It makes me uncomfortable. Kind of like an itch in the middle of your back that you can’t quite reach. It makes you squirm in your seat.
Then let’s talk about the fact that you can’t seem to write out words completely. This tells me that you like to cut corners. If you’re already cutting corners and we haven’t even had our first date, this leads me to believe that you will be a complete slacker of a boyfriend.
Oh well. Seems like it just wasn’t meant to be.
French My Toast

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