You + Me = Friendship


Friendship is a single soul dwelling amongst two hearts. That is a favorite Aristotle quote to a few of us here at FMT. There are just some people in the world that you find that connection to, when you know that someone these people will always be a part of your life. It doesn’t matter if you see that person every day, or ever few years, or if you talk on the phone each night or go days without speaking, you can always pick up right where you left off.

These people are not only your friends but, your family. The family you were able to choose. They are there to listen, laugh, cry, to offer advice, and most importantly bring the wine! Lots of wine! True friends will not leave you when you need them. No matter what.


Friendship is also a necessity in a relationship. How can you except to spend the rest of your life with someone when they aren’t your best friend? A true friend doesn’t run when they get scared or you get scared. They stay by your side and are a team with you. You get through it together. They won’t run or put their friends or dreams they had when they were 22 before you. They put you first. They make you their priority.

The end 2012 brought most of us at FMT major heart break. Lots of obstacles, learning’s and realizations. So far 2013 has brought us all lots of hope, happiness, loyalty, laughter and even love. We hope that 2013 brings you all the same thing. Just keep looking forward. You never get anywhere living in the past.


XOXO Poinsettia


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