Fluffernutters: Words from the guys – KEEP YOUR GAME TIGHT!!


So it was a Wednesday night at the local watering hole with me and A coworker. We figured we worked hard that day so we treated ourselves to an adult beverage or two. When that two turns into six and no shots turns into two jamison’s we soon realized we were having a great time. A contributing factor to our great time was the music selection from the juckbox.Not many times in my life have I heard back to back “Top Gun” songs at a bar. In the midst of enjoying I noticed a girl and guy at the end of the bar.

Naturally, I assume they are a couple until I had a little time to observe there body language and interaction. Once said gentleman leaves for the restroom the second of the two Top gun songs comes on (You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling). Of course I start singing along when I notice this girl singing with me. I thought to myself “I must go and talk to her”. So I take a swig of my beer and went in. Upon fact finding in our conversation I figured out that the guy with her was just a coworker, but it was clear he wanted more. Through our friendly banter we realize that we have a lot in common and crazy chemistry. In walks the coworker with a look of confusion.

I calmly introduce myself and continue talking to the girl. She then gives me this look like she has just had an epiphany. I said “what…?” she reply’s “we have met before.” I said “o ya?” she says “Ya we met at the bar down the street you where hitting on my friend and got her number.” BUSTED! FRENCH MY TOAST! I shamefully admitted to being that guy. and casually slide back over to my seat. We have a few more drinks and close our tab. I think to myself, “I cant just walk out without saying something.”

My boy finishes his beer and says he will meet me outside. As he walks away I kill my beer and head over to her in mid convo with her gentleman caller. I say “it was very nice to see you again”. She said the same, in a manner like she didnt want to be that much of a jerk to this guy she is with. I said “I would really be remiss if I didn’t inform you that I was dissapointed in my choice the first time we met, and I really think we should change numbers”.

I could see the expression on her face was one of excitement with a dash of uncomfortable due to this guy starring at her wondering if she is going to give me the digits. I see this happening and let her off the hook. I pull out one of my cards and say ” Well if you ever need a car, or a friend feel free to call me at anytime” She replies “I could always use a Friend!!” JACKPOT! I’m sure it was shitty for the guy trying to climb out of the friend zone but I figure I am doing him a favor. He may not get this girl but the next one he will know that he must be more assertive and take action. Moral of the story guys, is don’t be scared, and KEEP YOUR GAME TIGHT!!

Whiskey Tango

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