Going Senile? Will it happen to you?

crazy old lady
Blog world how are you today?  Randomly, I ask myself is it true that all old people lose their minds?? Last night I was visiting my cousin at the hospital. She had her first baby and a adorable one at that!
Ok , so leaving her room heading to the elevator , this old man look at my three who is right beside me , and says ” so how’s the wife and kids” . I awkwardly give a forced laugh and then think “what the hell is the old man on??” I also think of how I now I am stuck in an elevator with him and have to spend  these 1.2 seconds faking my way through it! Just then my three year old looks at this man, and then looks at me in straight confusion I can’t help but wonder how his little mind is processing this one of many awkward moments in his life 🙂
Don’t get me wrong I love all people but this dude was straight crazy 🙂 sometimes is the small things that make you giggle after thinking over them a couple of times.

Happy random Tuesday!

XOXO Americana


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