I applaud the effort: you are 18 years older than me.

“Just wanted to say Hi… and, your preference: Napa or Sonoma? Your profile reflects an eclectic lifestyle; and if our chemistry is right, it will feel like a release from life’s burdens…

I believe life should be like a cool breeze and calm simpatico with a life partner…
My two life adages really are- “Life’s too important to be taken seriously” [Oscar Wilde], and “The quickest path to the universe is through a forest wilderness” [John Muir]. So I guess I aspire to be a ‘smart, funny, self-assured, humble’ person; and if there’s intellectual connection and emotional compatibility between partners, along with a very good measure of humor [especially about myself], then there can be joy in life…

Cheers, Ciao, Au Revoir, Adios, Tschuse, Salut, Namaste`, Sayonara, Aloha a Hui Hou, Via Con Dios, Do Svedonya, Fii Amaan Allah, Ta Farda Inshallah, Ma`Lama Pono Akua, Kamsa Hamnida, Shay Shay Nee, Mahalo Nui Loa, Hasta La Vista, Baby!

peace out,


Dear B,

How long did it take you to Google the 47 ways to say goodbye?

Not impressed.

Oh and that 18 year age gap? Yeah, not helping.


French My Toast


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