Not Your Average Joe’s in Gaithersburg


AS new and exciting restaurant is at our fingertips up in the Kentlands! I know its been open for a few months now but, I was just able to make it up there this week and let me tell you I wish I went sooner! All the food is made fresh and grown local the server told us. Everything on the menu is all of America’s favorite meals and comfort foods but with a cool twist. I had the chicken with a cranberry and teriaki glaze with cannelloni with a sweet potato filling. It was amazing! Made me feel like a spin off of Thanksgiving dinner. I would highly recommend it. Then when we were leaving since we were first time customer they gave us coupons for our next 3 visits! Pretty neat huh? Then the best part. When you give them your email address they will give you a free entree anytime in the month of your birthday! Not just the day but any day that month which works out for those like me who like to have a birthday month. 🙂 Try it out and let us know what you think!

XOXO Poinsettia

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