Fluffernutters: True Stories from the guys – Dragon Tattoo girl


Like I told you, I f*cked that fat girl with the dragon tattoo..she was a total gross-out and after I sobered up in the morning I went and slept in her roommate’s bed because she was gone.  I just said “yeah, you were snoring a little bit so I wanted to get some sleep”.  Anyhow, she was real gross and I had been drinking so I wasn’t gonna finish if I wore a condom, so I choose not to and the next day was terrified she gave me an STD. Clean bill of health though. Probably she didn’t have any STDs bc I was the only guy in the world drunk enough to ever have sex with her…

Now ladies these are guys we happen to know or are related to. Not necessarily ones we would date! And now you see why.. – FMT

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