Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another – Plato

A Year in Astronomy

I received my telescope on March 10, 2012.  I remember the enormous box being carried into the house when the kind UPS man realized the box was larger than I am.  I remember the moment of pure panic when opening the box and realizing maybe I purchased something far to big for me to handle.  But then I took it out, aimed to the night sky and saw the Moon.  It took my breath away, made me teary eyed and changed everything.  Nothing has ever been the same since, all it took was one hit and I was in hooked.  Here is a list of my personal adventures and observations in 2012 as an astronomy junkie.

The Telescope



251959_10150811908611824_520161021_n   550840_10150811909036824_1075212159_n

The Moon

523758_10150641648351824_1685591642_n 556627_10150641648201824_1026036096_n

Andromeda (our nearest neighbor galaxy, not personal picture)


Globular Cluster, beyond stunning (not personal picture)




The Carbon Star (not personal picture)


The Double Star (not personal picture)


The Milky Way Arm Bands (not personal picture)


The Astronaut


Shooting Stars (not personal picture)


The ISS Flyby, with The Astronaut in it:) (not personal picture)


Venus (clearly not a personal picture)


Mars (clearly not a personal picture)


Thank you George with your 20,000 dollar scope and endless patience at Cherry Springs State Park who was willing to show me about 50% of the items on the above list.  You took what would have been a night of fumbling in 30 degree weather in August to a night of discovery and renewed desire.  Thank you Jason for driving me all over Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia in hopes of catching just a glimpse of Saturn.  Thank you to the Ladies of FMT who have to listen to me ramble about space, point out the Planets in the night sky and who love me despite my overall nerdiness.  Just wait to the astronomy camera comes in.  I can not wait to see what 2013 has in store for my wide eyed curiosity!

– Bellini

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