I applaud the effort: I THINK you’re trying to be funny.

“You clearly …..

Have great taste because you checked me out!

So 10 points for you.
But didnt say much…
So -5 points.

So I checked you out and you sound kinda interesting so I figured I would pick up your slack and message you.



Additionally, it’s worth noting this little gem from R’s profile: “Please do not message me if you are a – model – stripper – aspiring singer or actress – bartender – waitress – massage therapist – Scorpio – redhead – have implants – have a fake tan – go by the name Snooki, Britney, Paris, Mercedes, or Candy – or if you are wearing a tiara in any of your pics It NEVER works.”
Dear R,
I’m glad I sound “kinda” interesting to you.
I think you’re trying to be funny in your profile, but honestly, you just come across as arrogant.
It’s not working for you.
French My Toast

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