On why the dog park is the best first date ever.

Don’t get me wrong. I like going out to dinner. But, sometimes with the first date it’s like…do we have enough to talk about for the entire length of dinner? What do I wear? How dressed up do I get? So many questions!

Behold: the magic of the dog park first date!!

Reasons why it’s awesome:

1. If you don’t like my dog, or tell me that it’s not your thing, or tell me that it’s lame…it won’t work out. It weeds out the bad eggs!

2. I don’t have to get dressed up fancy OR wear much makeup. In fact, if I do, I look like I’m trying way too hard! This should in fact be a red flag for you.

3. It gives me an easy out: “oh no, that other dog sure is playing rough with my dog”…time to go!

4. It’s free! Therefore, if I don’t like you, I don’t feel like I owe you anything.

5. It makes ME look easy going and carefree! And like I’m not just out for a free meal!

I encourage you to try it! Borrow a dog if you don’t have your own. Just don’t lie and tell them it’s your’s. It’s ok to just be “dog sitting” for the weekend.




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