Gift Guide: so you want to buy us a present?

If you’re looking for something for Poinsettia and Bellini, look no further than this AMAZEBALLS Etsy shop: Skip N’ Whistle. Specifically, this shirt – blue for Poinsettia and purple for Bellini.

Obviously Mimosa is in desperate need of more nail polish, so this advent calendar is absolute perfection. She even promised to change her polish everyday in the spirit of the gift! Or if you are looking for something else to compliment Mimosa’s kitchen, the following glass is perfect for her!

If you’re the type of person that wants to give something practical like kitchen towels or socks – then this gift is for you! We promise to use up every single one.

These would be perfect for keeping Bellini warm and cozy all winter long! Plus, it’s a conversation starter – she can name all the constellations for you!

This would be the perfect stocking stuffer for Poinsettia, but it’s really, really hard to find. If you can make it happen, we’ll all be forever indebted to you.

As we all know Korbel loves anything that sparkles. This little beauty is on her Christmas list.

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