True Story: It is always better to be pissed off than pissed on..

Now girls, I know we have all either had the unfortunate circumstance of dating one of these or had a friend who has. It is not normal for guys to wet the bed in their 20ies and 30ies?! I know it happens a lot but it is not normal. You were potty trained over 20 years ago. Going out and getting black out drunk is no excuse!

According to the internet, heavy alcohol consumption can contribute to bed-wetting in two ways — (1) it’s a diuretic, meaning it causes the body to get rid of any excess water by passing it as urine (which also explains why you wake up thirsty and hung over in the morning!), and (2) it has a sedative effect, meaning it’s that much harder for the body to sense the need to wake up when the bladder is full.

Two summers ago I actually ended up getting peed on! Oh yes peed on, not just woken up in a wet bed! It was the first time I have ever known of my then boyfriend to do this. We were down in Virginia at his friends lake house surrounded with 15 other people in the house. Luckily we got their earlier enough to get our own room! But, yes he got wasted and passed out and as I’m laying there trying to sleep he peed on me! Disgusting. Talk about an uncomfortable situation and not knowing what to do and how to get out of it? I should have saw this sign and jumped ship then! Now, after that I never got peed on again (that I know of) but, definitely had to wake up helping him change the sheets on a few more occasions..

I have another friend whose husband constantly got drunk and would pee in her Coach purse. Yes, actually in the purse. The poor girl was always getting a new wallet and purse like every other month because of this.

An old room mate has an ex who use to pee in her closet and on her couch. I feel like this happens quite frequently with drunk guys. I have guy friends who even openly admit to pissing themselves on the metro just because..

This is the exact reason why dating is so hard, did you ever think you would need to ask pre-qualifying questions of meeting someone you would need to ask them “Do you still wet the bed?”

I mean come on! Get your life together! It does not matter how much you make, how hot you are  or how great you are in bed.  I’m sorry its not worth getting peed on!

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