What We Are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the holidays and the 12 days of Christmas. We here at FMT wanted to say what we are thankful for this year.

1. We are thankful for Target boxed wine. $17.99 for 4 bottles and it stays good for a month*!!!! *not that it ever lasts that long, but it’s good to know that if we ever decide to give up drinking for a month that the wine will still be good when we come to our senses.

2. We are thankful for Facebook, twitter, foursquare and Instagram for giving us an infinite number of ways to stalk our exes.

3. We are thankful for Red Bull. To keep us going all night long to give you more stories to read about.

4. We are thankful for called ID so that when your ex calls at 2am to tell you that he “misses you”, you can decline that shit!!

5. We are thankful for Jameson and pickle back shots. Without this we might have many more sober nights.

6. We are thankful for $20 Pizza Hut dinner boxes that can be at our house in under 30 minutes for when we’re having a fat girl moment.

7. We are thankful for the ability to do all of our Black Friday shopping from the internet from our couches!

8. We are thankful that it is socially acceptable to wear yoga pants in public because sometimes life just get too hard to have to put on real pants.

9. We are thankful for Magic Mike. Enough said.

10. Lastly and most importantly, we are thankful for our team, our family, friends, kitties and puppies. 🙂


Love, French My Toast

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