Curiosity’s Got Something Big?

Nothing has held my attention quite like this little SUV sized guy.  I stalk him.  Every day.  Sometimes multiple times a day and I’m completely shameless about it.  Every move Curiosity makes, I know about.  Every update NASA blesses me with, I know about.  I was giddy when he confirmed what I already knew, water once flowed on Mars.  I was CRUSHED when Curiosity’s SAM (think mini chemistry lab looking for organic compounds) first air samples showed no methane (90-95% of Earth’s methane comes from an organic source).  I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster with Curiosity and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My hobby or more like my free time obsession is anything space related.  Maybe it’s the realization of just how small we truly are or the prospect that there is something or someone else out there.  But whatever it is, I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker.  So when NPR released an article earlier this week stating NASA had processed samples from SAM and discovered something “for the history books” can you imagine my ridiculous reaction.  I was happy, I started squealing and I may or may not cried a little (feel free to judge me).  In typical NASA fashion and well any scientific fashion, we have to wait to hear the results for a few more weeks.  I’m sure NASA will over analyze,test , review and then re-analyze whatever it is they have found.  And that’s ok…I’m patient NASA, every good stalker is.   –Bellini

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