Miller’s Ale house in Rockville

With Football season here I’m sure everyone is looking for the newest, coolest, cheapest place to go watch the game, right? Well, Miller’s Ale House just opened about a month ago. This is a Florida chain that recently moved into the north. how exciting is that? I use to go to the Ale House weekly when I was in college in Florida so I can not begin to tell you how excited I am they opened one right here!

The Ale House has over 40 beers in draft and 30 beers in bottles and cans! Great selection right? They also have wall to wall in flat screen TV’s. Any game you want to watch they will have.
As for food my personal favorites are the Zingers and the Nachos. The zingers are basically boneless chicken fingers and they come in an array of flavors. I recommend Hot and Jamaican Jerk. As for the nachos they really are enormous like the menu says and every bit of delicious. You can easily feed 4 people with them.

Try them out and let us know what your favorite is?


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