10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On a First Date

Between the 6 contributors of this site, we’ve had a lot of first dates. Some good and some very, very bad.

Here are 10 things you SHOULDN’T do on a first date.

And yes, all of these have happened to at least one of us.

1. Try and refrain from licking your date’s face. I’m not talking about a missed kiss…head turn awkwardness (although that’s just probably a bad sign). I’m talking a legit face licking.

2. Try and refrain from drinking a stranger’s drink. Unless it’s a dare. Then it might be kind of funny. Just remember that you may or may not be kissing later. Germs. Gross.

3. Try and refrain from crashing into your date’s brand new car…and then when you try and drive away, you only make it worse.

4. Try and refrain from talking about your ex. Come on, I shouldn’t have to spell this one out for you!

5. Guys try to refrain from telling a girl “You have nice tits, I want to put them in my mouth.” This may be true and she may even let you. But I can guarantee if you tell her this on a first date in the middle of dinner…you will not get the chance!

6. Gentlemen, make sure your date gets home safely. Do not leave her alone in the middle of DC in the middle of the night to fend for herself to get home!

7. Do not order for your date. Especially if you have no idea what they even like. Especially if the food comes out with the heads and eye balls still on it…

8. Never tell someone on a first date you think you could be falling in love with them. Even if its true it’s best to keep that to yourself at this point.

9. Please do not “mouth rape” your date. Especially if its when you first sit down, before the appetizers are ordered and the waiter is watching…there is a good chance your date will not stay long enough to order her meal at that point.

10. Lastly, please learn how to answer questions with more than a yes, no or I don’t know. If we can’t hold a conversation with you we probably will not speak to you again after the painfully long dinner is over…

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you on a first date?


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